Community Lab School serves students in grades 6-12, focusing on deeper learning through interdisciplinary, project-based, and experiential approaches to instruction. More than just a school, we're a laboratory for educational innovation. Our goal is to pilot new, nontraditional teaching methods that not only fulfill the mission, vision, and goals of ACPS but also aim to influence educational practices more broadly.



The clearest model I have found for learner-centeredness that operates from our knowledge of effective practice in a way that serves both “The Students” and “THE student”.  -Carol Ann Tomlinson, Professor, University of Virginia

Community Lab School is going in a direction we would love to envision for all schools.  -Louisa Rosenheck, Research Manager, MIT Teaching Systems Lab

This school is a perfect example of where we need to take our schools for a brighter future. –Patricia Jennings, Professor, University of Virginia

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