Welcome to Community Lab School Academics

At Community Lab School, we offer an innovative educational journey focused on deeper learning. Our approach combines intellectual rigor with social-emotional wellness, creativity with intellect, and real-world relevance with academic depth. Our curriculum spans Middle School and High School, each featuring a unique set of experiences designed to prepare students for a lifetime of learning and success.

Middle School: A New Kind of Learning Experience

Discover our interdisciplinary, project-based approach where students engage in authentic problems and showcase their work to real-world audiences. Learn More

High School: Pioneering Pathways in Education

Explore how we redefine high school learning through our project-based 9-10 curriculum and globally-recognized International Baccalaureate Program for grades 11-12. Learn More

Dive in to discover more about our educational philosophy, curricular offerings, and innovative approaches that set Community Lab School apart.