We believe that an arts and design-based approach to learning promotes creative expression and an enhanced academic experience. Our mission is to provide a rigorous liberal arts educational program with a purposeful integration of the arts and design projects to challenge our students academically and creatively.

At Community Lab School, we recognize that our students have inherent gifts and abilities unique to each individual. For this reason, the basis of student learning will be formed by the acknowledgement, exploration, and development of these talents within an environment of continued cultivation of self-awareness, community consciousness, and creative application.

The UVA Career Center offers a great resource for careers in the Creative Arts and Design.

High School Electives

Visual Arts

  • Studio Art I-IV
  • Contemporary Media and Art
  • AP Art History
  • Digital Art
  • IB Visual Arts

Design and Making

  • Design Technology I: Industrial Design and Prototyping
  • Design Technology II: Product Design and Development
  • IB Design Technology

Media and Filmmaking

  • Digital Photography
  • Audio/Video Technology and Film
  • Computer Art Graphics
  • Journalism and Broadcasting
  • Creative Writing
  • IB Film


  • Technology and Electronic Music
  • Recording and Production
  • IB Music

Dance and Artistic Movement

  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • IB Dance


  • Design Thinking (Fully integrated into 9th grade curriculum)
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking (Offered as SDL, High School or PVCC Credit)

Self-Directed Learning (SDL)

  • CLS students may propose courses for credit for artistic pursuits outside of school or in-school independent study (with teacher support) for specific instruments or artistic media of interest.