Welcome to the 2023-24 PTSO!

Hello CLS Dragon Community! We are Natalie Whitaker (Ellie, 7th) and Sheila Chrobak (Reed, 9th & Madeline, 7th) and we are the new co-facilitators for the PTSO this year. We are super excited to step into this role and are working hard to coordinate our efforts and resources as we move through September. Natalie and Sheila are no strangers to working together as friendship blossomed between our families back when our children were just beginning their school journey together at Mollie Michie Cooperative Preschool. Throughout the many years between then and now, we have remained active members of our school communities and PTOs. In addition to being co-facilitators for this year's CLS PTSO, Natalie works as a RN for the Blue Ridge Health Department and for Sentara Community Health and Prevention and Sheila owns and operates Dot to Dot: Pediatric Speech Language Therapy LLC. We are excited that the PTSO at CLS has always promoted the idea that "many hands make for light work" and we can't wait to meet all of the volunteers who will help ensure a successful year for the PTSO and Dragon Community!

PTSO Meeting Schedule for 2023-24

We will be meeting the 1st Thursday of each month at 7:30 via Google Meet. Please join us to learn more about how our PTSO will support our CLS School Community this year. Bring your ideas, big or small, and let's see what we can make happen!

PTSO meetings can be accessed each month via Google Meet.

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