Fly Fishing Club

Ever wonder how folks make those graceful casts on peaceful, beautiful mountain streams?  Well that’s only a small part of the art of fly fishing!  With an emphasis on equity and access, the purpose of our club is to introduce fly fishing in a supportive, non-competitive environment to learn and have fun!  In addition to making that gorgeous fly cast, we’ll read some great books together with our Mrs. Craddock, learn all about cool bugs and stuff that become fish food with Ms. Barazi and Ms. Kogge, understand the amazing detail of rivers and streams with Mrs. Racette, and even hatch some brook trout (the Virginia state fish) from eggs in the school aquarium with Ms. Lucy to release in the spring!  We’ll also work on the conservation of our natural resources—a major focus in the fly fishing community—and even bring in the arts and design by learning to tie our own flies!  And, of course, we'll go fishing!  All necessary equipment provided at no cost to participants. 


Gender Parity in Fly Fishing



Fly Fishing Club Book Collection

Fiction & Non-Fiction



All titles available for check out! Contact Mrs. Craddock or visit our Library page to reserve your copy!